Public Notice

Suburban East Salem Water District is a local government which operates a domestic water system.  The District serves 13,500 people in the Four Corners area near State St and Lancaster Drive NE.  It is located within Marion County, State of Oregon, with general boundaries extending from I-5 on the west, to Cordon Road on the east, to Center St on the north and Highway 22 (Mission St) on the south.

The District is governed by a Board of five elected Commissioners and holds regular monthly meetings which are open to the public and residents of the District.  The Board of Commissioners employ a manager and such other employees as are required to carry on the operation of the utility.  Work carried on by the District's personnel includes installing, repairing and maintaining mains, services and meters; reading meters, preparing and mailing bills; and making collections.

The water system is owned by the tax payers and users of the District.  The system is not operated for a profit: its function is that of rendering service at cost.

The District has distributed water since its formation in 1956, the water being purchased from the City of Salem.  The actual source of Salem water is the Santiam River.  The water is fluoridated (.8 mg/l) and chlorinated (.9 mg/l).

Suggestions and recommendations for the betterment of the system and service rendered are welcomed.


"Our mission is to provide safe potable water in adequate supply at a fair and equitable cost to the people and property served, while protecting the capital assets of the District."